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Photographs.  They are to many of us a concrete way of cherishing the past and present.  It gives us vision as to what we may want for the future.  Photographs are a way of passing down generations worth of stories and life experiences.  They keep us linked to our history and ancestry.  This is why we take pictures. 

My name is Meredith Winston and I've loved photographs and taking pictures every since I was a little girl.  My Dad was fantastic at taking pictures and LOTS of them!!  I remember using the 110mm cameras with the cube flash, Polaroids, the "disk" cameras of the 80's.  I was in awe when my Father bought me my first Canon 35mm camera when I was in high school.  It was the coolest "tube" shaped camera.  It went EVERYWHERE with me.

My first real "job" in photography was when I was allowed to join the High School Yearbook Committee.  I was assigned (or rather begged) to work on the candid photo section.  It was a fantastic experience and one that encouraged me to continue to work with photography. 

I went to the University of Massachusetts at Amherst and studied Fine Arts, Art History, and Apparel Marketing.  All of which involved using many different visual techniques for learning.  Socially I continued to carry that camera that my Father had given me.  It went everywhere with me.  I remember being at CVS or the local camera shop in Amherst almost every day dropping off rolls of film, taking the pick up tickets with me home and anxiously awaiting the hard copies of the photos to come back...in A WEEK!  Oh the horror of having to wait that long!!!

When I got married to the love of my life in 1996, the majority of the world was still working with film.  Our fantastic wedding photographer took tons and tons of formal shots, a few candids before and a few candids after.  I remember him loading and loading and re-loading rolls and rolls of film. 

Looking back on those photos brings my husband, Ian and I back to that day in an instant.  But we look back and always say "we wish we had more candid photos".  Pictures of people having the real fun, instead of the staid and "rosey-posey" photos.  Now, there is a place for the "posey" photos of the world.  And I do take them.  And they are great. 

However my passion for photography lies in the fun, the intricate and the interesting shots.  The funky and the different.  The gorgeousness of life and love and nature. 

We hope you enjoy this fantastic journey with us as Scribble Cookie Photography is nurtured, grown and blossoms. 



Meredith Winston


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